Fashion Musings: Inspirational Colors (I)

Hi peeps,


On this very lovely morning, walking out and feeling the sun hit my face (more like a friendly slap) Then I look around and see people all dressed for work whizzing past me…

For the first time in a long time(Yes…Example… never!), I decide to leave my boss waiting in the office(I hope he never sees this) when I see this lady, looking colorful and her color mix was EPIC!(Can’t really describe it because I was stunned and I sound like a geek!)  Then a lot of color ideas come up in my head and I feel like bursting… here they are (remember, this is just my opinion) :


You don’t believe me? OK! I’ll give you evidence in the next part. So come around next time.


If you have comments on my posts feel free to share!… I’ll love to hear from you!





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